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Trailer Rentals at DSR

Trailer Rentals at DSR

5x8 Trailer with 4-Foot Walls (5.5 Cubic Yards)

1 Day Rental: $95
Max Weight Capacity: 1,499 Pounds (Safety Rating)

Unveil the versatility of our smaller trailer, perfect for homeowners tackling quick projects. With a capacity of 5.5 cubic yards, this 5x8 trailer is an ideal companion for small garage cleanouts, DIY home projects, storage unit cleanouts, and yard waste disposal. For a seamless experience, we offer both single and multiple-day rental options, allowing you to customize the duration based on your specific needs.

Trailer Rental

At DSR, we believe in simplifying your decision-making process with competitive and affordable pricing. Contact us today to explore how our Trailer Rental services can elevate your hauling experience and make your project a seamless success.

6x12 Trailer with 4-Foot Walls (10.5 Cubic Yards)

1 Day Rental: $295
Max Weight Capacity: 3,499 Pounds (Safety Rating)

Opt for our larger 6x12 trailer, offering a substantial 10.5 cubic yards of space, making it the perfect solution for more extensive projects. This trailer is not only suitable for garage cleanouts but also ideal for bathroom remodels, storage unit cleanouts, yard waste disposal, and handling construction debris. Choose the rental duration that suits your timeline, whether it's a single day, a three-day stretch, or an entire week.

Rest assured, both trailers come with safety ratings and weight limits to ensure a secure hauling experience.
At DSR, we pride ourselves on offering competitive and affordable pricing, making top-notch trailer rentals accessible for all. Trust DSR, your reliable junk removal company in Miami, FL, to provide tailored trailer rental solutions for projects of every scale. Contact us today and experience the convenience of efficient hauling tailored to your specific needs.

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