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Best Residential Services



Furniture Removal:

Efficient removal of furniture for a clutter-free and organized living or workspace.


Appliance Removal:

Swift removal of appliances, ensuring hassle-free and environmentally friendly disposal.


Construction Debris Removal:

Timely removal of construction debris for a clean and safe working environment.


Mattress Removal:

Hassle-free removal of mattresses, ensuring a cleaner and more comfortable space.


Foreclosure Clean Out:

Thorough cleanouts for foreclosed properties, facilitating stress-free property restoration.


Trash Junk Removal:

Streamlined removal of trash and junk, providing a clutter-free and organized space.


Yard Waste Removal:

Efficient removal of yard waste, ensuring a clean and well-maintained outdoor space.


Refrigerator Removal:

Quick and eco-friendly removal of refrigerators, keeping your space clutter-free.


TV Disposal and Recycling:

Responsible disposal and recycling of TVs, contributing to an environmentally friendly approach.


Hot Tub Removal:

Professional removal of hot tubs, ensuring a smooth and clutter-free transformation.


Carpet Removal:

Timely removal of carpets for a fresh and updated living or working environment.

DSR Residential Services

Seamless Residential Junk Removal Tailored to Your Schedule

In our residential services, DSR Junk Removal goes above and beyond, ensuring a hassle-free experience tailored to your specific needs. Operating with precision, we meticulously handle furniture, appliances, construction debris, mattresses, and more. With flexibility at our core, we seamlessly integrate with your schedule, catering to condos, townhouses, and apartments.

Coordinating every aspect, we prioritize responsible disposal methods, explaining the process and discussing item management with you throughout. Trust DSR for efficient and considerate residential junk removal that transforms your living space with ease.

At DSR Junk Removal, our commitment to excellence in residential services extends beyond the removal process itself. We place a strong emphasis on environmental stewardship, ensuring responsible disposal methods for every item we handle. Our transparent processes involve explaining the disposal process and discussing item management with you throughout, fostering a sense of trust and transparency.
Whether it's furniture, appliances, construction debris, mattresses, or any other household items, we handle each with care and consideration for the environment. Our team operates with a dedication to minimizing our ecological footprint, recycling and donating whenever possible. With DSR, you not only experience a hassle-free residential junk removal tailored to your specific needs but also contribute to a greener and more sustainable future for our community.

Outstanding service from DSR Junk Removal! They made decluttering stress-free and efficient. Professional team, transparent rates, and eco-friendly practices. Highly recommend for a clutter-free transformation!

David Markers

DSR Junk Removal exceeded expectations. Easy scheduling, prompt arrival, and a thorough job. Transparent pricing and eco-conscious disposal. A trustworthy choice for efficient and hassle-free junk removal.

Chicana males

DSR is the go-to for hassle-free junk removal. From scheduling to completion, seamless process. Professional team, transparent rates, and eco-friendly practices. A top choice for clutter-free spaces.


Exceptional service from DSR Junk Removal! Efficient, transparent, and eco-friendly. The team navigated the process seamlessly. A reliable choice for stress-free and thorough junk removal.

Nathan Felix