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Get your free estimate for hassle-free and budget-friendly junk removal.

Swift, professional junk removal for a clutter-free space – efficient and reliable service.

Exceptional service tailored to exceed expectations for a truly satisfying experience.

About DSR Junk Removal

You keep What you Want And We Take What You Don't Need

Welcome to our world of efficient junk removal! We guarantee a fair service. All-inclusive price, covering most Miami areas, With cost-effective rates, discounts and we're committed to excellence. Our bilingual, family-owned team ensures trusted, safe service, complete with text updates on the way and upon arrival.


Committed to eco-friendly solutions, we recycle and donate wherever possible. Explore our services below. Read more for details.


Items We Take

At DSR, our junk removal process is meticulous and comprehensive. From furniture like chairs and couches to appliances, hot tubs, and tables, we efficiently handle a range of items. Our services extend to TV and e-waste disposal, yard waste, mattresses, construction debris, refrigerators, and even carpet removal.

Our Services


Best Commercial & Residential Services


Efficient cleanouts for storage and warehouse spaces, ensuring clutter-free and organized environments.

Foreclosure cleanouts for swift, thorough, stress-free property restoration and rejuvenation.

Efficient removal of office furniture, ensuring a seamless and clutter-free workspace transformation.

Streamlined removal of commercial scrap, ensuring a clutter-free and efficient workspace transformation.

Efficient removal of furniture for a clutter-free and organized living or workspace.

Swift removal of appliances, ensuring hassle-free and environmentally friendly disposal.

Timely removal of construction debris for a clean and safe working environment.

Hassle-free removal of mattresses, ensuring a cleaner and more comfortable space.

Thorough cleanouts for foreclosed properties, facilitating stress-free property restoration.

Streamlined removal of trash and junk, providing a clutter-free and organized space.

Efficient removal of yard waste, ensuring a clean and well-maintained outdoor space.

Quick and eco-friendly removal of refrigerators, keeping your space clutter-free.

Responsible disposal and recycling of TVs, contributing to an environmentally friendly approach.

Professional removal of hot tubs, ensuring a smooth and clutter-free transformation.

Timely removal of carpets for a fresh and updated living or working environment.